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     News was updated on 8 February 2014
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6 Feb
NIH has published guidelines for Direct to Phase II, Awards and policy allowing crossovers to other programs at Phase II on the Web. Our take is that these will negatively impact the number of Phase I awards available (more competitive environment).
6 Feb
The Dept. of EducationDoEdu/IES 2014 SBIR solicitation has been posted on the Web. Proposals must be submitted by 2 pm on 24 March 2014.
4 Feb
The Dept. of Transportation2014-1 SBIR solicitation has been posted on the Web. Technical questions will be accepted through March 28 and proposals must be submitted by 4 April 2014.
17 Dec
The NIH/PHS has posted its 2014-2 SBIR & STTR Grants Solicitation on the Web. Proposals are due 5 April, 5 August & 5 December 2014 with AIDS -related applicaitons due on 7th of the following months) . [We expect to have ToolKits for this one built and available around 5 February.]
25 Nov
DoE has posted its 2014-2 SBIR/STTR Solicitation on the Web.. Letters of Intent are due 16 Dec. Proposals will be due by 11:59 pm on 4 February 2014.
21 Nov
DoD has posted its 2014.1 SBIR Solicitation on the Web.. Participating compoonents are Army, Air Force, Navy, CBD, DARPA, DHP, OSD and SOCOM. Contact with topic authors is permitted 'till 20 Dec. Proposals will be due by 6:00 am 22 January 2014.
14 Nov
NASA has posted its 2014.1 SBIR/STTR & SBIR Select Solicitations on the Web.. The "Select" program is for a few technologies of particular interest to NASA. Proposals will be due by 5 pm EDT on 29 January 2014.
13 Nov
NOAA has posted its 2014.1 SBIR Solicitation on the Web.. Questions to NOAA are due by 1:00 pm on 3 January 2014. Proposals will be due by 4:00 pm, 29 January 2014.
25 Jan
The SBIR Center has published "An analysis of the NEW SBIR/STTR re-authorizing legislation from the applicant's point of view.". A PDF copy of the actual legislateion can be downloaded from that same page.
In response to your requests, we have established a News Item Archive where browsers will be able to look back, for at least one year, at news articles that have expired and been removed from this page.  In those instances where information is still important/relevant, we will usually leave it up on this page, even though it may have been posted for a very long time (such as this item). 


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NIH/PHS SBIR & STTR 2014-2 (grants)  
-- SBIR= ~$650+ million
-- STTR = ~$170 million

19 Jan. 2014
TEL: (301) 206-9385 
FAX: (301) 206-9722  [E-Mail]


DoD SBIR 2014.1  
-- part of $1.5 billion
22 Jan. 2014
(by 6:00 am EST)
TEL: (866)-724-7457  
FAX: not available        [E-Mail]  
 T   - 
DHS S&T 2014.1
Part of $40 million (SBIR)
22 January 2013
(by 2:00 pm EST)
TEL: (703) 480-7676 
FAX: N/A   [E-Mail]
 T   - 
Dept of Commerce/NOAA
-- $2.5 Million
29 Jan. 2014
(by 4:00 pm CST)
TEL: (301) 713-3565 
FAX: (301) 713-4100  [E-Mail]
 T   F 
-- $2.5 Million
29 Jan. 2014
(by 5:00 pm EST
TEL: (301) 713-3565 
FAX: (301) 713-4100  [E-Mail]
 T   F 
DoE 2014.2 SBIR & STTR  
-- $88 Million (SBIR)
-- $10 Million (STTR)
4 Feb. 2014
(by 11:59 pm EST)
TEL: (301) 903-3199 
FAX: (903) 903-5488  [E-Mail]
 T   F 
DoEdu/NIDRR 2014 SBIR  
-- $8 Million (SBIR)
14 Feb. 2014
TEL: (301) 903-3199 
FAX: (903) 903-5488  [E-Mail]
 T   F 
Legend:   T = SBIR-ToolKitTM application development software is available for this procurement
                  F = SBIR-FormsTM application forms submission manager is available for this procurement
NA = Special Forms not applicable or needed for this procurement                                

DoD STTR 2014.A  
-- part of $0.5 billion
23 Jan. 2014
TEL: (866)-724-7457  
FAX: not available        [E-Mail]  
 -   - 
Dept of Commerce/NIST
-- $4.5 million
22 Jan. 2014
(Regular & TT)
TEL: (301) 975-3085 
FAX: (301) 548-0624  [E-Mail]
 T   F 
Note: SBIR-ToolKit TM proposal tools typically are available 10 - 14 days after we get the specs (the solicitation) for them .
NOTE: Schedules for SBIR & STTR procurements can be found on the Schedule Page.

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